Tuesday, June 25, 2013


          As I approach my 300th post, I thought it was a good time to update my readers on the status of my blog.  Originally I started the blog to simply watch each of the 100 Greatest War Movies as chosen by Military History magazine.  My intention was to watch one of the movies per week from 100-1.  That proved to be too ambitious a time frame, but amazingly I have been able to see all of the movies as I have worked down to #15.

          Early on I decided to branch out to war movies not on the 100 Greatest list.  This was partly because I realized there are many very good war movies that were inexplicably left off the list.  For this reason, I will eventually be posting my own 100 Best War Movies.  That will not be for a while yet.  The other reason I started posting on all kinds of war movies was because I love to watch war movies and write about them.  It also adds variety and quantity to the blog.

           Here are the categories I developed:
1.  Should I read it? -  foreign war movies with subtitles
2.  Forgotten Gem? - obscure war movies
3.  Antique or Classic? -  old war movies
4.  Dueling Movies -  two similar movies compared
5.  Cracker? - movies that could potentially be in my 100 Best
6.  War Chick Flick - war romances
7.  Now Showing - reviews of war movies I see in a theater
8.  Live - stream of consciousness reviews
9.  Book / Movie - comparing the movie to the book it was based on
10.  History or Hollywood -  comparing the movie to accuracy

           I have taken a little grief for the format of my reviews, but I decided my reviews would be the equivalent of snarky Wikipedia articles.  In other words, I would summarize the plots as part of the review.  I realize that there are spoilers.  In the 100 Greatest reviews, readers can skip the summary and closing segments.  As far as the other categories, just be careful if you don't want to know a lot about what happens in the movie.  As far as the length of the posts, I like to write - sorry.  I do a lot of research on every movie I watch and try to pass on interesting facts.

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