Friday, September 8, 2017


"Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean I got a bad feeling! I don't think I'm gonna make it outta here!"

WHAT MOVIE?   It is an autobiopic released in 1955. It is based on the book by the same name. The star plays himself. It was his 16th movie. He had come to Hollywood after WWII on the urging of his friend James Cagney. This movie was his biggest hit in a career dominated by B westerns. He was reluctant to play himself because it smacked of self-promotion. He wanted Tony Curtis for the role. Studio execs and friends convinced him to take the part. They were right.

     The movie was a critical and box office success. In fact, it was Universal’s biggest hit until “Jaws”. It was not a hit with the star, however. He felt that even though he had acted as technical adviser and tried to get things right, the studio sanitized the blood and gore of combat. He also felt the movie muted the unpleasantness of war and the negative emotions it brings out. He noted that the climate conditions that he actually fought in (mud, rain, snow) were usually depicted as nice, sunny weather.


  1. I think the quote is from "Platoon."

  2. The picture is from Pork Chop Hill.

    I'll go with David on the Platoon quote, but I'm guessing. I've only seen it once.

    And yes, To Hell and Back. I recommend the book to everyone. I agree with Audie Murphy...the GI's in the movie ALWAYS looked too "clean", even when they were in mud.

  3. All correct. Great job guys. I thought the picture was tough. That's the great Woody Strode refusing to fight for Gregory Peck.

  4. Pork Chop is one of my favorite war movies for a personal reason. After my father's death, my mom remarried to a man that was on Pork Chop Hill. I don't think he was in the group highlighted in the movie. He was probably in one of the relief groups that were finally sent in. But I really don't know. He told my mom that "I was there" when it was on TV once, but other than that he wouldn't talk about it at all.

    1. I wouldn't blame him for not talking about it.


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