Saturday, February 27, 2021



Best Cinematography – 1917

Best Effects -   Midway

Best Combat – Danger Close

Best Adaptation of a Novel -  The Painted Bird  (Vaclav Marhoul;  novel by Jerzy Kosinski)

Best Original Screenplay -  Danger Close 

Best Supporting Actor – Sam Rockwell  (Jojo Rabbit)

Best Supporting Actress -  Thomasin McKenzie  (Jojo Rabbit)

Best Actress – Scarlett Johansen  (Jojo Rabbit)

Best Actor   Travis Fimmel  (Danger Close)

Most Accurate Movie -  Danger Close

Best Movie – Danger Close


Tuesday, February 23, 2021



Best Cinematography -  Outlaw King

Best Effects -  Overlord

Best Combat -  Operation Red Sea

Best Adaptation of a Nonfiction Book -  A Private War  (Arash Amel;  based on the article “Mary Colvin’s War” by Marie Brenner)

Best Original Screenplay -  Operation Dead Sea  (Feng Ji) 

Best Supporting Actor -  Aaron Taylor-Johnson  (Outlaw King)

Best Supporting Actress – Hai Qing  (Operation Red Sea)

Best Actress -   Rosamund Pike  (A Private War)

Best Actor  Stubby  (Sgt. Stubby)

Most Accurate Movie -  A Private War   

Best Movie – Operation Red Sea

Saturday, February 20, 2021




Best Cinematography -  Dunkirk

Best Effects -  Dunkirk

Best Combat -  Battleship Island

Best Adaptation of a Novel -   Unknown Soldier (book by Viano Linna;  screenplay by  Aku Louhimies and Jari Olavi Rantala)

Best Adaptation of a Nonfiction Book -   War Machine  (“The Operators” by Michael Hastings:  screenplay by David Michod)

Best Original Screenplay – Darkest Hour  (Anthony McCarten)

Best Supporting Actor -   Eero Aho  (Unknown Soldier)

Best Supporting Actress -  Kristin Scott Thomas  (Darkest Hour)

Best Actress -  Kate Mara  (Megan Leavey)

Best Actor  Gary Oldman  (Darkest Hour)

Most Accurate Movie -   Darkest Hour

Best Animated Movie -  The Breadwinner

Best Movie -  Unknown Soldier