Friday, January 9, 2015



          I love to read about war and hope to find some kindred spirits.  For several years I have participated in my friend Caroline's readalong at "Beauty is a Sleeping Cat".  She is scaling back so I have decided to host a readalong of short war stories.  I would like to thank the web site "Short Story Archive" for providing an outstanding list of titles that are easily available on the Internet.  We will do one per month.  At the end of the month I will offer my thoughts on the selection and hope to hear from you.
     Here is the complete list:
     So first up is "The Aviator".  Join in and chime in!


  1. On "The Aviator": Decent for a very short short story. They loved twist endings back in the day. O. Henry style. This one could have used a flashback maybe.

  2. I will try to join for a few. Espcially those very short ones and the more famous authors like Maupassant and Ambrose Bierce, although I've read them before.
    This is a longer project as it seems.

  3. My Dad was Walter C. Beglau who wrote A Soldiers Story. I found the story on line today not knowing it was "out there". This is crazy. Was his story found? Was it sent on? I'll probably never know.

    1. Very interesting. I can't wait to get to that story.

    2. Very interesting. I can't wait to get to that story.


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