Monday, July 17, 2017

Picture, Movie, Quote #19

"This is the paradox of being a good soldier: To be a good soldier you must love the army, but you must be willing to kill the thing you love."

What movie is this?  This movie is based on the best seller by Edward L. Beach, Jr.  It was produced by Burt Lancaster. The two stars reportedly did not get along well during the shoot with the elder upping the cost of production with his 9 to 5 work rate. This dysfunction may have added to the realism of the movie which is based on a personality conflict between the two leads. The technical advisor was a retired Rear Admiral and had the full cooperation of the U.S. Navy  It was released in 1958 to critical acclaim, but less than boffo box office. 


  1. "Run Silent, Run Deep"

    The stars were Lancaster and Clark Gable.

  2. The quote is from Patton.

    David is correct about Run Silent, Run Deep.

    But I do not recognize the picture.

  3. The quote is not from "Patton". Try the Civil War. For the picture, try the Persian Gulf War.

  4. OHHHH...right! Lee in Gettysberg!!!

  5. Oh...and I really haven't seen many of the Persian Gulf movies. If I had to guess on the picture I'd say Hurt Locker? But I'm just guessing...

    1. The picture is from a movie about a gold heist.

    2. Ahhh...Three Kings. I have it recorded on my DVR, but haven't watched it yet.


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