Friday, March 30, 2018


1.  What movie is the above picture from?
2.  What movie is this quote from?
 "Anyone of you sons of *****es calls me grandpa, I'll kill ya." 
3.  What movie is this?

 It is based on a fantasy novel by William Eastlake.  The movie was released in the middle of the Vietnam War in 1969.  It was Sidney Pollack’s fourth film and his second straight collaboration with Burt Lancaster (the first was “The Scalphunters”).  Lancaster was the one who suggested filming the book.  A styrofoam mock-up of a 19th Century Belgian castle was built for the movie.  It cost $1 million and caught flame prematurely causing Pollack to scramble to get some film of it going up.  the footage was used in the movie.  The castle was then rebuilt because there were two more scenes requiring it.  The movie was shot in Yugoslavia.


  1. 1: Last of the Mohicans (a movie I didn't really care for)
    2: We Were Soldiers (one of the best infantry war movies until the last 10 minutes and the ridicules charge up the hill)
    3: I knew what film you were talking about, but I had to look it up. Let's see if anyone else knows what it is.

    1. Totally agree with your analysis of "We Were Soldiers".


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