Saturday, May 18, 2019


1.  What movie is the picture from?

2.  What movie is this quote from?

Everybody does his duty at Zinderneuf, dead or alive! We'll make those Arabs think we've got a thousand men. 

3. What movie is this? 

 It was directed by Lewis Milestone of “All Quiet…” fame.  He also directed another “Forgotten War” film entitled “Steel Helmet”.  It was his last war movie.  It was released in 1959.  The screenplay is based on the nonfiction by the famous war author S.L.A. Marshall (SLAM).  The main character, Joe Clemons, acted as technical adviser.  Clemons was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for the battle.  The movie is populated by many familiar actors from the 1960s and includes a small role by Barry McGuire of future “Eve of Destruction” one hit wonder fame.


  1. 1. Patton

    2. Beau Geste

    3. Pork Chop Hill

  2. I think TC got 'em all. My mom's second husband (after my dad passed on) was on Pork Chop Hill. I have no idea if he was one of the few, in the platoon that was withdrawn, or in one of the relief columns. Surprise, he just wouldn't talk about it other than to admit he'd been there.


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