Saturday, October 12, 2019


1.  What movie is the picture from?

2.  What movie is this quote from?

People on the street corners, they looked at this picture and they took hope. Don't ask me why, I think it's a crappy picture, myself. You can't even see your faces! But it said we can win this war, are winning this war, we just need you to dig a little deeper. They want to give us that money. No, they want to give it to YOU.

3.  What movie is this?

It was the first important major motion picture about the Vietnam War.   Its success marked the rise of the subgenre that has produced some great war movies.  The director also co-wrote the screenplay and marked the peak of his career.  It was downhill after this.  He battled the suits to get his vision on the screen and succeeded for the most part.  The movie was a big critical hit and did well at the box office.  It was awarded Oscars for Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, Editing, and Sound.  It was nominated for Actor,  Supporting Actress, Cinematography, and Original Screenplay.  It is ranked #53 on the most recent AFI’s greatest movies list.  The film was Meryl Streep’s first big movie role and ironically, John Cazales’ last film.  He was dying from cancer and passed before he saw the finished product.


  1. 1. The Bridge On the River Kwai

    2. Flags of Our Fathers

    3. The Deer Hunter

    1. Wrong on #1. Hint: it stars a very famous rock n' roller.

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  3. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, starring David Bowie?


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