Thursday, October 14, 2010


       Now that my blog is off to a flying start, it is time to do some tweaking.  First, a note to  my readers.  I am well aware that the posts are longer than your average blog and as a high school teacher I am painfully aware that most people do not like to read much.  However, I am writing this blog mainly for myself and I do not plan to change the length of the posts.  I suggest that readers treat each review as a collection of topics.  Read just the sections you are interested in.  If you have not seen the movie, skip the summary.  If you have seen the movie, read the summary to compare my experience to your own.  If you want to check on the accuracy of the movie, read that section, etc.
      Second, I have gone beyond the original parameters of the blog.  I still intend to review one of the Top 100 per week until I reach #1.  Thanks to input from some of my loyal readers, I have included several additional review topics.  1.  DUELING MOVIES - comparisons of related war movies  2.  CRACKER?  -  reviews of movies that might be worthy of making the Top 100  3.  SHOULD YOU READ IT? -  reviews of foreign war movies with subtitles  4.  FORGOTTEN GEM? -  reviews of obscure war movies to determine if they deserve to be obscure  5.  CLASSIC OR ANTIQUE?  -  does the war movie classic hold up for a modern audience


  1. Sounds good to me. Although what I would like to read, and I think this is something you could do, would be comparisons between books and movies. I read a lot but tend to hardly every read books related to war. Apart from All quiet on the Western Front, Regeneration and a few others I haven't read all that many books that have been made into war movies. Deducing from your comments I think you often read the book as well. I know you didn't mean this post to be a "wish list" and I don't know how many people would enjoy it... Not only novels of course. I think I need to invite you one of these days for a guest post!

  2. That is a marvelous suggestion, but one of the things I admire about you is the incredible output of your blog. I feel swamped just doing what I am doing now and soccer season has not even started yet. Perhaps as a summer project. I am intrigued with how movie screenwriters change novels, many times for the worse. It would combine three of my loves - reading military history, writing, and watching war movies. I would love to exchange guest posts!

  3. We got time. It should always be fun as well. Doesn't make sense to put anyone under pressure. I wanted to do a post a while back after having been on a history teacher's blog who also wrote about movies. The title would be something like "Can War Movies be used in School". Then I realised--I have no clue. I am sure they watch The Downfall in schools in Germany and maybe Schindler's List. Whatever, that's a topic for you.

  4. I finally found her blog again.

  5. Thanks for the link. As far as movies in class, I show several in my Military History class. Nothing is better in showing what soldiers go through. Unfortunately, we have a no R-Rated movies policy which eliminates most realistic war movies. There are no exceptions for a class like mine. Before the policy I showed "Saving Private Ryan", "Glory", "Enemy at the Gates", "Platoon", and "When Trumpets Fade". Now I show the first Hornblower, "Master and Commander", "A Walk in the Sun", "All Quiet", and "Gettysburg".
    I do not show war movies in my American History class because I do not have the time and the movie would be too focused to benefit all my students. Instead I show "American Grafitti" and "King of the Hill".


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