Friday, June 24, 2011

Rearranging #100-61

It time to adjust the 100 Greatest list. After seeing 39 of the first 40 movies (still have not seen “Dunkirk”), it is obvious the Military History magazine’s panel of experts was off in its rankings. Here is how they should have been ranked:

99. Ben Hur (96) (not a war movie)

98. Foreign Correspondent (86) (not a war movie)

97. The Third Man (80) (not a war movie)

96.  Castle Keep (66)

95.  They Died With Their Boots On (68)

94. The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp (87)

93.  Hail the Conquering Hero (70)

92.  Braveheart (67)

91. To Hell and Back (77)

90. The Thin Red Line (100)

89. The Alamo (61)

88. Ballad of a Soldier (81)

87. Guadalcanal Diary (69)

86. Guns of Navarone (93)

85. Northwest Passage (97)

84. Henry V (75)

83. Run Silent, Run Deep (79)

82. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (98)

81. They Were Expendable (99)

80. Desert Rats (88)

79. The Desert Fox (78)

78. The Big Red One (71)

77. Battle of Britain (90)

76. Midway (92)

75. Manchurian Candidate (85)

74. Bridges at Toko-Ri (73)

73. Sahara (83)

72. El Cid (63)

71. Twelve O’Clock High (72)

70. Ran (76)

69. The Man Who Would Be King (77)

68. Cross of Iron (64)

67. A Walk in the Sun (82)

66. A Bridge Too Far (94)

65. Casablanca (65)

64. Dr. Strangelove (84)

63. The Train (62)

62. Breaker Morant (91)

61. Last of the Mohicans (95)

Based on what I have seen so far, I estimate that at least 20 movies on the 100 Greatest list will not make my 100 Best list. Here is a list of twenty that I feel will be worthy replacements. Feel free to suggest others.

Enemy at the Gates

Master and Commander

Three Kings

The Hurt Locker

We Were Soldiers


The Great Raid

Where Eagles Dare

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Midnight Clear

When Trumpets Fade

84 Charlie Mopic

Hamburger Hill

A Rumor of War

9th Company

Tae Guk Gi

Dances With Wolves

Son of the Morning Star

Hornblower: The Duel

The Beast


  1. You shifted them quite a bit but so far didn't kick any out. I gues once you have the highest numbers you can start doing it.
    I think those you suggest as replacements are all good choices really. There are a few I haven't seen yet or cannot get anywhere like A Rumor of War. There are afew I haven't seen yet, like Talvisota that might be good as well. I think that Dunkirk is not bad at all. Intimate Enemies (French/Moroccan) and Days of Glory should be included too. You would like them. The second is an Algerian/French/Moroccon co-production. Both are real war movies, infantry combat.
    Not including Hamburger Hill is unthinkable. Maybe they also aimed at variety?

  2. the war movie buffJune 25, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will check on them.

    The twenty I listed will defintely make the 100 Best so that means #81-100 are unlikely to survive.

    Hamburger Hill is the one unthinkable one? I would choose "Master and Commander".

    You might have noticed that the 61-70 had some really overrated movies. That was a tough ten to slog through. I hope the 50s are better, but I doubt it.

  3. Yeah, they didn't sound all too memorable.
    We Were Soldiers needs to be in there too. Much more than many others. Master and Commander as well of course. And When Trumpets Fade is maybe one of my top 5 even.

  4. Perhaps, if you haven't yet, see '13 Assasins' and consider it for your list. Japanese film that made it to American cinemas this year. It's set shortly before the Restoration in Japan

  5. the war movie buffAugust 20, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    Thanks for the recommendation. I like Japanese films.


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