Monday, November 19, 2018

Picture, Quote, Movie #44

1.  What movie is the picture from?

2.  What movie is this quote from?

“At the next war let all the Kaisers, presidents and generals and diplomats go into a big field and fight it out first among themselves.”

3.  What movie is this?

It is a western/war movie released in 1949.  It was the second of John Ford’s cavalry trilogy and the only one in color.  The other two were “Fort Apache” and “Rio Grande”.  All three starred John Wayne.  The movie was set in Monument Valley.  Ford used the paintings of Frederick Remington for inspiration and ideas.  The title is a song associated with the U.S. Cavalry and alludes to the cavalryman giving his love a yellow ribbon.  One of the stars is the horse “Steel” ridden by Ben Johnson.  This horse was popular with western stars.  The movie was awarded the Oscar for Best Color Cinematography to Winton Hoch.  The film was a big hit.


  1. 1. The Eagle Has Landed (?)

    2. All Quiet On the Western Front

    3. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

  2. You got 2 out of 3. The picture is a very difficult one. Hint - it's a German movie about a battle that has been the setting for several movies.


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