Monday, April 15, 2019


1.  What movie is the picture from?

2.  What movie is this quote from?

We're responsible for the protection of 100,000 square miles of territory. And against us are ranged thousands of the finest light cavalry on earth. I found that out this morning. It's a big job, gentlemen... and it's gonna need a fine regiment. Our job is to make this the finest regiment that the United States ever saw. I needn't tell most of you that a regiment is something more than just six hundred disciplined fighting men. Men die. But a regiment lives on; because a regiment has an immortal soul of its own. Well, the way to begin is to find it. To find something that belongs to us alone. Something to give us that pride in ourselves that'll make men endure - and, if necessary, die... with their boots on. As for the rest it's easy: since it's no more than hard work, hard riding and hard fighting. Thank you, gentlemen, I know I can count on you.

3.  What movie is this?

It is Buster Keaton’s masterpiece, although it took a while for the critics and public to realize that.  The movie was a commercial and critical bomb when it was released in 1926.  Thankfully Keaton lived to see the revival of its reputation in the 1960s.  Recently the American Film Institute ranked it the 18th greatest film and the 18th greatest comedy (don’t ask).  This must have been heartening since he co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced it.    He based it on The Great Locomotive Chase by William Pittenger.  Keaton used 500 Ohio National Guardsmen for the battle scene and even had them switch uniforms to give the armies more size.


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