Wednesday, January 9, 2013


         I have decided to lead my first watchalong in the year 2013.  I have chosen the topic of war movies that have something to say about leadership.  There are many good war movies that deal with this topic.  We will do one (sometimes two) per month.  I will pose a few general questions to focus on when you view and then we will discuss at the end of the month.  Everyone is welcome.  Thanks to the gang at Armchair General Forums for some excellent suggestions.

January -  The Crossing
February -  Master and Commander
March -  12 O’Clock High
April -  Waterloo
May -  Platoon
June -  Patton and The Desert Fox
July -  Pork Chop Hill and Zulu
August -  Lawrence of Arabia
September -  Letters from Iwo Jima
October -  Glory
November -  Operation Petticoat
December -  The Cockleshell Heroes
          First up – “The Crossing”.  The true story of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and the Battle of Trenton.

1.  What leadership traits does Washington display?
2.  How does Washington handle his subordinates?
3.  How does he deal with adversity?
           Below is the full movie!


  1. They are all good choices and I will try to join whenever possible, that means when I do have the movie. Since we don't have Netflix I will have to leave out a few. As said elsewhere I might just change the angle should I write about it.

  2. If you can't get some, you'll know how I feel about a lot of your recommendations. LOL

    Whatever you want to do will be fine.


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